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psycho + psycho = ❤️

psycho + psycho = ❤️

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invisible_iink (2 h)Why u think I chose up here I have my own personal reasons why. But as far as this whole thing goes, all y’all have done is played around in it. Got me out here working til tears & sweat drops .. it’s been too long w the lil games. And I want love now. But that’s not the reason for a change up. I’m not even mad frfr. I just want y’all to stop playing in my head. @badgalriri @arianagrande @iamhalsey @rupikaur_ @yarashahidi @eizagonzalez but it’s w/e. I’m just disappointed. But that’s the game, right Ha smh. gn.
invisible_iink (2 h)I just want to be finished w this. The thing is, I know y’all will fade it. No matter what direction I attempt. Then when I’m trying to switch u, u do a lil move to regain that attention. Meanwhile there’s soooo many who can’t get up out here. So many who are hurting in love. Who are alone and lost. So many broken & abused. And all y’all care about is finessing attention on this app. & u ask me why I want to be finished w all of this. Conditional love all around. I already know. You rather play with it then act like u doing something. Every day I get on this feels like a waste now. If u can’t trust it by now then you choose not to trust it. So wtf else can I do You really think ima choose up cuz u posted a pic after I said the right words ! Am supposed to sit here & suffer forever in it ! So what’s the point ! I paid my dues. I need mine now. @badgalriri @arianagrande @iamhalsey @rupikaur_ @yarashahidi @eizagonzalez I’m sry .. but this is killin me now. & I can’t believe it yo. 🤷🏽‍♀️
invisible_iink (2 h)I waan take off so badly. You don’t even know the sacrifice homie 😩
invisible_iink (3 h)I’m talking this entire imaginary app
invisible_iink (3 h)Now that I see how cold it is.

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