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@shauri.g.m (2 min)hello ariana grande, this comment is just to ask you please to wish @joaquin.bondoni happy birthday, he is a fan of yours and it would be his dream that you congratulate him, if you can do thank you very much โค๏ธ
@jeanne.rm (3 min)@joamatth mddrrr moi on me le dit pas
@alice.bws (3 min)Mineee
@cata_ramasco (8 min)I donโ€™t need anything else.
@oswy_uroza (9 min)Hello Ariana, we just wanted to let you know that in a few days it will be one of your fans birthday, he happens to be famous too his Instagram is @joaquin.bondoni it would be amazing if you would notice him or say happy birthday on may 8 thank you Follow please.

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