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I hope y’all had a Valentine’s Day full of love! 💋

I hope y’all had a Valentine’s Day full of love! 💋

@maisamartinazzo (41 min)Ta linda mana
@yeenmyslime (1 h)5715810869
@zrmjpd (5 h)😮😮چوخگوزلسن😮😮😮😮😮👏👏👏👏
@mayconviana_ (7 h)The woman can receive praise, hugs, flowers, words of love and affection; can have health, employment, home, car, jewelry; can achieve success in ministry, family life, finances, relationships; can be effective and excellent in all that he does ... But none of this makes sense if one characteristic is missing: the fear of the Lord. The woman who fears God is virtuous, exemplary, more valuable than many jewels. She is trustworthy; knows how to care, love, do good without looking at whom. She works with pleasure, dedication, wisdom and vigor. She is strong, even on days of weakness, because her strength comes from a God who is Father, Lord and King, of whom she is a beloved daughter, servant and princess. His lamp does not go out, because it is filled with the Holy Spirit. And even in the midst of adversity, she smiles at the future. From her lips come wise words, and with love she teaches her neighbor. It is not taken by laziness, on the contrary, it concretely masters what it is put into its hands to do. Thus, for what she is, has and does for herself and for others, this woman can even receive praise, but her greatest virtue is to fear the Lord, who created her to make a difference wherever she is, always giving honor and glory to the Lord. the only one worthy of receiving them: Jesus. For fear, yes, she will certainly be praised.
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