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Band’s back together ⛳️ @stephencurry30 @tony.romo @acchampionship

Band’s back together ⛳️ @stephencurry30 @tony.romo @acchampionship

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aleksandrfureyster (12 days)🙂
12welve9inecandles (35 days)I know how you love to golf...So I am extending an invite to our wedding in the city of Bob Hope Classic...Palm Springs! Well its actually Palm Desert, but its all the same for us Desert folks. I'm sure you've been before. My fiance and I enjoy your music so much and your album inspired our Nov. 20, 2020 wedding date. In our minds we imagine you pulling off a Maroon 5 surprise wedding guest spot, but we understand your popularity, haha. Hey if by chance you will be in town, stop by. We will sing a song with you. You could even send a video and we would still with you. You could bring your wife and son. We'll have a kiddo area. Or your son stays home (not alone of course) 😊 and you and your wife come enjoy the night. And because you're so busy, I'll send you a reminder every so often. So give it some thought. Seriously. None the less, have a blessed Christmas and glorious New Year!
lindsey.renee7 (37 days)They were out to here, dude.
edejesus63 (39 days)How much beautiful guys is there 💪🔥❤️
knoeppjennifer (51 days)You and my son could be a brotha from anotha motha.seriously; you guys have The same build he can sing as good as you he thinks he can dance better than you of course but he is pretty good I must admit And he does impressions like Arnold Schwarzenegger,The comedian Pablo Francisco, Cartman from South Park and many others I’m not trying to brag on the son or anything, But like you he is very Talented and it just amazes me how much you guys have in common and your similarities maybe that’s why I love you so much LOL and your wife and son are very beautiful also you are a blessed man and screw these people who decided to take pics and video of you you’re still a hero of mine and my sons keep doing what you’re doing maybe one day you guys will cross paths and get freaked out about how are you guys about how you guys are almost identical twins LOL stay blessed OK

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