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β€œLove is a good thing.”
Sheryl Crow ❀️🍎❀️🍎❀️🍎❀️🍎❀️
#sherylcrow #iqjuice #fatburner #love #lovequotes #loveyourself #healthisselflove #instalove #loveyou

β€œLove is a good thing.” Sheryl Crow ❀️🍎❀️🍎❀️🍎❀️🍎❀️ #sherylcrow #iqjuice #fatburner #love #lovequotes #loveyourself #healthisselflove #instalove #loveyou

@iq_juice (9 h)@samanthasteinmetz83 thanks for the suggestions! We are going to a trade show in March so there’s a good chance we meet one of The buyers for those stores. I will add some free bottles as a gift.
@samanthasteinmetz83 (13 h)@iq_juice okay, cool. I did see on Amazon and I was curious who it was through. I absolutely love your juice. So I would say Mariano’s might be an option, there is also a Woodman’s opening soon in Lakemoor. Another option might be Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. I regularly shop Mariano’s in Lake Zurich and this would fit in well. I will keep my fingers cross for Walmart. We do have a Walmart in town as well. I’ll consider Amazon!
@iq_juice (13 h)@samanthasteinmetz83 Meijer had a change in buyers for the section we were. From female to male. But we hope to change that soon. We are doing a test in Walmart in Arkansas next week so cross your fingers. For now, for your state (and Wisconsin), the only option is Amazon. I pack those orders myself. When we get something in your area, I’ll let you know. Stay tuned. We are always trying to increase our presence. What stores near you would be good fo iQ juice
@samanthasteinmetz83 (14 h)@iq_juice, Illinois, near Wisconsin border. The Round Lake Meijer preciously had it but doesn’t seem to carry it any longer.
@iq_juice (14 h)@samanthasteinmetz83 Samantha what state do you live in

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